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Tilburg University (Netherlands)

In one word, Tilburg University is green.

Surrounded by beautiful woods and forest, Tilburg has a modern, compact campus that includes the sustainably renovated Cobbenhagen Building, dating from 1962, a designated National Monument.

It's also set in the heart of the fastest growing economic region in the Netherlands, the Brainport, which is considered the Silicon Valley of Europe.

But despite the fact that there are more than 5,000 tech-focused companies in the area, Tilburg is a social sciences university, focused on global issues.

Here are some of the highlights from my visit!

Main walkway of Tilburg University

Campus and academics

Tilburg University is one of the Dutch research universities.

But unlike some of the others, Tilburg's buildings -- including its honors college, University College Tilburg -- are all conveniently located on one site.

Main entrance of Tilburg University

Founded in 1927, Tilburg started as a business school.

School of Economics and Management

It now has 20,000 students with 25 percent international students.

The highest population of international students comes from Germany (14 percent of the student body), and Americans make up one percent.

Starbucks on campus

I didn't get a chance to see the city of Tilburg, but it's very much a student city, with 1 in 7 residents being a student.

There are 7,815 bike parking spots on campus!
There are 7,815 bike parking spots on campus!

Because it's a student city, even though it's the seventh largest city in the Netherlands, it tends to be more affordable than some of the others.

And its location is super convenient, just one hour from both the Amsterdam and Eindhoven airports.

Main building
Memorial to Jewish students who were killed in WW2
Memorial to Jewish students who were killed in WW2

Tilburg's motto is 'Understanding Society,' and it offers small-scaled programs.

That is, most classes have fewer than 100 students.

Large lecture theatre
Large lecture theatre

In terms of academics, Tilburg is highly ranked in law, psychology, business and finance.

Law School
Law School

Psychology is a Numerus Fixus program, which is highly competitive and requires an admissions test as part of the application.

Large lecture theatre / graduation hall
Large lecture theatre / graduation hall
Study spaces

Its BSc in Economics is one of the top programs in the Netherlands, and students should be prepared to have a high level of maths.

Steps to library
Campus lake

Other unique courses include a BSc in International Sociology, where students study themes such as migration, cultural differences, poverty and inequality -- and connect them to politics and policy.

School of Humanities
School of Humanities
Modern study space
Coppenhagen Building

The BSc Entrepreneurship is focused on helping students become self-employed and create their own startups.

One of three universities in the world to have a building built entirely from wood!
One of three universities in the world to have a building built entirely from wood!
Wood building

In most programs, students take five classes per semester and have the option for an exchange program or internship in Year 3.

Student housing
Student housing

And as for admissions, Tilburg requires a minimum of four Advanced Placement exams with a minimum score of 3.

On-campus restaurant with great food
On-campus restaurant with great food
Ballet hall
Ballet hall

Summary: Tilburg University

Tilburg is a great choice for someone wanting a true campus experience in the Netherlands, but not too far away from a city.

The campus is really peaceful, surrounded by trees and full of green space.

Inside its buildings, students will find modern and beautiful facilities.

I will definitely be back in future to check out Tilburg city!

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