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Are you a U.S. student interested in applying for college or graduate school overseas in places like the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and beyond, but you don't know when or how to begin?

Look no further than these courses below!


Designed so you can go at your own pace and complete exercises and worksheets along the way, you'll find everything you need to know and consider before you start your application process for your bachelor's or master's degree abroad!

And the best part?

U.S. students who enroll in Applying for College Abroad: Parts 1-4 Bundle will also receive a complimentary 45-minute General Q&A session with me upon completion of the courses (valued at $295).

Other courses coming soon:

Everything You Need to Know to Apply to the UK

Australia: More than Koalas & Kangaroos

Study in New Zealand

How to Study in Ireland

The Netherlands: How and Why to Apply

Brasileiros: Graduação no exterior

Brasileiros: Mestrado no exterior

Need more personalized support?

Sara was amazing! She helped me navigate the UK college admissions process, as well as narrow down schools that would be attainable for me. Super transparent and direct, and also opened my eyes to universities in other countries that I might be interested in.

Zoe, Class of '21
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This option is best for students and families in need of quick, general application guidance for college or grad school admissions overseas.


(Note: I am not able to go into specific admissions criteria or suggest colleges/programs within this option; however, the fee for this session can be credited toward another package should the student wish to sign up for more personalized support afterward.)


Services include:

  • One 45-minute virtual session

  • General application and admissions information (what overseas universities consider and what they don't consider)

  • General advice on application timelines

  • Explanation of various application systems (i.e., UCAS in the UK) and terminology

  • Reference letter advice

  • Accepting/deferring process

  • General visa information​




This option is best for students in 9th or 10th grade who may be interested in going to college abroad but perhaps aren't 100 percent sure just yet. In this package, I'll go over what it means to go to college overseas, the benefits, differences in the student experience, admissions process and more.

In this package, I will also provide guidance on future class selections and testing timelines, providing an action plan to work toward and a few program and university suggestions to start researching. This option is available until May 31 of sophomore year.

Services include:

  • Up to two 45-minute virtual sessions

  • Introduction to college abroad (what it means, differences in the student experience, admissions, what to consider, how to prepare)

  • Interests & activities inventory

  • Advice on class selections, high school curriculum, testing timelines and summer activities

  • Early suggestions of programs and universities abroad to start researching

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This option is best for students who already know more or less where they'd like to apply but need help with some program suggestions, the specific admissions criteria, navigating the application process and figuring out admissions probability. Knowing if you're going to be a competitive applicant or not is an important piece of the application process for college abroad, so within this option, I will conduct an in-depth review and analysis of your academic record and provide guidance on up to 10 programs.

I will also recommend an application/testing timeline, explain various application systems (including UCAS in the UK) and inform you of any additional steps or testing required to become a competitive applicant. Students can begin this package from June 1 in the summer before their junior year.

Services include:

  • Up to three 45-minute virtual sessions

  • In-depth academic record review and analysis

  • Program suggestions and guidance on entry requirements and admissions (up to 10 programs)

  • Advice on further steps/testing needed if necessary to become a competitive applicant

  • Providing a recommended application timeline

  • Explanation of various application systems (i.e., UCAS in the UK) and terminology

Optional Add-On:

  • Personal statement workshop & review: $595





They say you don't know what you don't know, right?


This is the best value option in which students receive full pre-application, application and pre-departure support for applying to college abroad. Students can start this option at any point in high school, so for all the freshmen and sophomores out there, it's best to start sooner than later!


In this package, I will help streamline the process by creating an ideal timeline to work toward, help students find programs where they will be happy and fulfilled academically, socially and financially, stay on track to meet deadlines and advise on exactly what needs to be done to become a competitive applicant.

But my support doesn't stop once the student gets in; I also assist with accepting/deferring offers, housing, visas, cultural preparation, college readiness and how to make the most out of your global study experience.


Students will also have access to the Custom College Plan portal.

Services include:

  • Up to ten 45-minute virtual sessions

  • In-depth academic record review and analysis

  • High school curriculum planning/suggestions

  • Creating an application/testing timeline

  • Guidance on admissions requirements

  • Building a college list (up to 10 programs) with varying levels of admissions difficulty

  • Personal statement/essay help

  • Financial aid & scholarships for college abroad

  • Pre-departure support (housing, visas, etc.)

  • Access to the online college search portal

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If you've already achieved the massive accomplishment of getting an undergraduate degree and are now thinking of expanding your horizons with a graduate degree overseas, this is the option for you! In this package, I will provide all the necessary pre-application, application and pre-departure support you need, saving you time, money and providing peace of mind (as well as helping you avoid some of the common mistakes I made when I applied for my master's abroad on my own!).


Services include:

  • Six 45-minute virtual sessions

  • In-depth academic record review and analysis

  • Program research & suggestions (up to 10)

  • Guidance on admissions requirements

  • Creating an application timeline to meet deadlines

  • Personal statement/essay help

  • Financial aid & scholarships for grad school abroad

  • Pre-departure support (housing, visas, etc.)

  • Access to the online college search portal

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