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Personalized college, transfer or graduate school abroad advising services

G'day! My name is Sara Cavalieri.

As a Certified Educational Planner (CEP), and after more than 10 years working in international recruitment and admissions for some of the world's top universities, including The University of Edinburgh (UK) and UNSW Sydney (Australia), I provide professional expertise and guidance to help culturally curious students across the globe find and apply for the right universities and programs abroad - and help take the stress out of the unknown at the same time!

Sara's knowledge of overseas education is impressive and unrivalled. Her students are always well-informed, well-prepared and introduced to realistic and suitable options in their desired locations. She is able to make sound recommendations and help guide her students and their families through what can seem like a daunting process. Sara keeps in regular touch with admissions reps from all over, constantly improving her knowledge, keeping up-to-date on market trends and ensuring she is able to help her students make the right choice.

Thomas Day

North America Regional Manager

Newcastle University (UK)

Services & Rates

The 10 or 20 hours work like a retainer; time is deducted for meetings and all 'behind the scenes' work lasting longer than 15 minutes (emails, essay editing, developing admissions strategy, etc.). 

Early planning is advised; I work with a maximum of 15 students per admissions cycle.

Payment plans available upon request.

Strategy Session

One meeting

A custom overview of the admissions process and requirements specific to your country and major of interest and review of grades/test scores thus far. You'll also receive a copy of the information and 3-5 actionable steps for the short/medium term.


'Lite' Guidance

10 hours

Best for students who need last-minute help or a little bit of support to get their applications across the line and submitted to appropriate universities and programs.



20 hours

Best for those who would benefit from more interactions; applicants to universities in the UK or the Netherlands; or applications in multiple countries.


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