The best tool in planning for college abroad

Exciting news to share this week - I have recently partnered with Unifrog to offer their robust college planning platform for students who sign up for any of my personalized consulting packages.

Unifrog, which is headquartered in the UK, is known as the 'complete destinations platform' and is perfect for the modern day student considering all their college options--within and beyond their own borders.

Unifrog offers various resources to explore majors, interests, careers and university systems, search for scholarships, enrol in MOOCs, listen to Ted Talks, bespoke webinars, student testimonials and other video resources, as well as fantastic tools and guidelines for writing the essay and personal statement.

There's also a dedicated place where students can record and keep track of their activities and skills (side note; 'teacher' = me!), which will help in writing the personal statement or preparing for an interview.

But perhaps one of the best features of them all is its detailed, searchable database of every English-speaking program in the world!

The comprehensive program listings include information about entry requirements, rankings, university stats, links and more--which can all be filtered according to your preferences--making it so much easier for students to take a lead role in researching their college options overseas.

Students can shortlist courses, careers and subjects and easily track their applications and related tasks and deadlines, making it much easier to keep organized.

Unifrog is by far the most advanced and useful platform out there to aid students in the process of applying for college overseas.

And whilst Unifrog is used mostly by international schools, as a consultant I'm so excited to make their invaluable tools, databases and platform available for my students as a benefit so they can be confident in their choices and stay organized throughout the entire application process.


Interested in applying for college overseas?

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