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Numbers are up for American high school students applying to the UK

The UK's first Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) published its first stats release of the current application cycle for undergraduate courses with an October deadline.

For international students, the U.S. was the country with the largest increase in applications since last year, up 9 percent with a total of 1,620 applicants.

US applications to UK universities are up since last year
US applications to UK universities are up since last year

Singapore represented the second highest increase (6 percent).

Although the total number of international applications (20,850) dipped just slightly compared to this time last year (20,970), it's no surprise that more and more U.S. students continue to consider the UK for their undergraduate programs.

China also saw a decrease in the number of applications for the October deadline compared to last year (1 percent decrease); however, it is still the country with the most international applications overall.

It's important to note that the above stats are in terms of applications to Oxford and Cambridge, as well as for medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine -- all of which require students to apply by mid-October.

The next major UK undergraduate application deadline is January 31, 2024.

This is called the 'equal consideration deadline' because universities have to give students an equal chance against all other applications that have been submitted by then.

After this date, many universities will close applications and programs will be full.

You can read more stats from this data release here.

There's still plenty of time to apply, so if you need support finding the right universities for you or navigating the application process, get in touch!


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