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Are you currently studying at a community college or university in the U.S. or Canada? Did you know that you could potentially transfer to a foreign institution and graduate with a world-class degree from a top university abroad?

Some overseas universities accept community college or university credits and allow you to start in the second year of a 3- or 4-year program.

Otherwise, if you had your heart set on a university abroad that had high admissions requirements for high school applicants and did not get in, all hope is not lost! Your GPA from these studies may instead serve as an alternative entry qualification and allow you entry into the first year of the program.

But when many students think about transferring colleges, they just think about local options; don't forget there is a whole world of opportunity out there! You could potentially save time and money by looking abroad.

Sara was extremely timely with her responses and everything was very clear. She made the process very easy and she was knowledgeable in many things. In addition, she was sure to answer all the questions.

Olivia, Transfer Applicant in 2020

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