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Parent/Guardian Advice

Here are a few things to think about when your high schooler is considering applying for college overseas.


Less stress to apply

There is a higher level of transparency in the admissions process at universities outside the U.S., which means students won't have to play a numbers game and apply to 20+ institutions.


Lower fees

This may come as a surprise, but tuition fees may be lower overseas based on the degree, duration & exchange rate. Many overseas institutions accept U.S. Financial Aid such as direct loans, the G.I. Bill and 529 plans. There are also international student scholarships, and some countries have lower fees for passport holders.


Career readiness

It's a lot easier to get paid internships and work experience in other countries as part of the degree -- the best way to become career-ready and develop independence.



Sadly, gun violence in the U.S. is on the rise. Fortunately, in other countries, mass shootings at schools and public places simply do not occur in the frequency with which they do here, and many U.S. parents tell me this is precisely why they encourage their high schooler to consider studying abroad.

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