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High School Students

Have you ever dreamed of studying in a place like Hogwarts? Maybe you don't want to take on a huge amount of student debt.


Here are a number of other reasons you may want to consider applying for college abroad:


Less stress to apply

Most institutions overseas publish minimum entry requirements, and students who achieve these generally have a high chance of being accepted, which means you won't have to play a numbers game and apply to 20+ institutions. Some universities don't even require essays!

Study what you want

Universities in other countries generally do not offer a general education curriculum, which means you get to study your chosen subject in much more detail and from day one --and forget about ever taking a math class again (if you wish)!


Graduate on time

The 4-year graduation rates in the U.S. are grim. Even when students are admitted to U.S. universities, they may not be able to get into the classes they need, resulting in the majority of students taking six years to finish. This simply does not happen outside the U.S.


Increase your employability

Sure, traveling and experience new cultures is great, but perhaps more important is the number of skills you'll pick up along the way, ultimately making you much more attractive to employers. Research shows that students studied overseas find jobs quicker and get paid more.

Image by Patrick Metzdorf
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