Have you ever dreamed of studying in a place like Hogwarts? Maybe you don't want to take on a huge amount of student loans. Here are a number of other reasons you should consider applying for college abroad:


Travel & Adventure: 

Get to know a country/culture as a local rather than just passing through as a tourist; a totally different immersive experience.


Research has shown that students with international study experiences are more competitive in the job market, find jobs quicker and get paid more.

Depth of Study: 

Most countries do not teach a "General Education Curriculum," which means you get to explore your chosen subject of interest in much more detail--and forget about ever taking a Math class again (if you wish)!

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Less Stress to Apply: 

Most institutions overseas publish minimum entry requirements, and students who achieve these generally have a high chance of being accepted--making for clearer admissions processes.


Establish a network of friends and future colleagues from around the globe; you never know where they will lead you.

New Perspectives: 

Open your mind with new learning styles and ways of working--setting you up for success in a dynamic world.

Sara was amazing! She helped me navigate the UK college admissions process, as well as narrow down schools that would be attainable for me. Super transparent and direct, and also opened my eyes to universities in other countries that I might be interested in.

Zoe, Class of 2021
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