Have you ever dreamed of studying in a place like Hogwarts? Maybe you don't want to take on a huge amount of student loans. Here are a number of other reasons you should consider applying for college abroad:

  • TRAVEL & ADVENTURE: Get to know a country/culture as a local rather than just passing through as a tourist; a totally different immersive experience.

  • EMPLOYABILITY: Research has shown that students with international study experiences are more competitive in the job market, find jobs quicker and get paid more.

  • DEPTH OF STUDY: Most countries do not teach a "General Education Curriculum," which means you get to explore your chosen subject of interest in much more detail--and forget about ever taking a Math class again (if you wish)!

  • LESS STRESS TO APPLY: Most institutions overseas publish minimum entry requirements, and students who achieve these generally have a high chance of being accepted--making for clearer admissions processes.

  • NETWORKING: Establish a network of friends and future colleagues from around the globe; you never know where they will lead you.

  • NEW PERSPECTIVES: Open your mind with new learning styles and ways of working--setting you up for success in a dynamic world.

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