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Grad School Applicants

There are so many reasons to apply for grad school overseas. The problem? There are just too many options out there.


I can help you find your best fit and avoid some common mistakes I made when I was applying for my master's overseas on my own!

So why study your master's degree abroad?

Graduate Faster:

Many overseas graduate programs can be completed in just one year, saving you both time AND money.


Skip the GRE prep and expense and apply for a graduate degree overseas based on your just your grades (mostly). Some programs don't even require essays to apply!

Financial Aid:

Did you know? Many overseas institutions accept U.S. Financial Aid such as direct loans or the G.I. Bill. There are also a lot more scholarships abroad at the master's level; I can help you find them.

Travel & Adventure:

Get to know a country/culture as a local rather than just passing through as a tourist. Maybe even fall in love!

Stay & Work:

Most countries offer a post-study work visa that allows you to stay for 1-3 years and work full-time or look for work--a great resume booster. Check out the starting salaries for your intended profession in different countries--you may not be disappointed!


Establish a network of friends and future colleagues from around the globe; you never know where they will lead you.

Not sure where to start?
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