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Grad School Applicants

There are so many reasons to apply for grad school overseas. The problem? There are just too many options out there!


I can help you find your best fit and avoid some common mistakes I made when I was applying for my master's overseas on my own!

Here are some things to consider:


Graduate faster

Many master's programs abroad can be completed in just one year, saving you both time and money. That's just two semesters; time will fly! Plus, shorter duration means lower fees!


Stay and work

Most countries offer a post-study work visa that allows you to stay for 1-3 years and work full-time or look for work, which is a great resume booster. Check out the starting salaries for your intended profession; you may not be disappointed!


Skip the GRE

Graduate admissions overseas are based mostly on just your grades from your bachelor's degree. Some programs don't even require essays to apply! So much easier.


Financial Aid

Did you know? Many overseas institutions accept U.S. Financial Aid such as direct loans or the G.I. Bill. There are also a lot more scholarships abroad at the master's level.

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